Interior York Gate House


Interior York Gate House


People, objects and rooms inside York Gate House

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Sybil Spencer and Frances Webb in Garage - YGA00199<br /><br />
Sybil with brown smock, scarf and stick and Frances Webb in garage inscribed "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Garage Interior Prepared for Performance - YGA00193<br /><br />
Refreshment table set in garage for " Heydays Twelfth Night"

Interior of Garage  - YGA00194<br /><br />
Garage decorated for Heydays "Twelfth Night"

Interior York Gate - YGA00252<br /><br />
Table in the house with plants and objects - including ducks, sewing basket and scrap book

Sybil in the Garage - YGA00200<br /><br />
Sybil in brown smock and banded hat sitting in the Garage; brazier lit

Sybil Spencer with Visitors - YGA00146<br /><br />
Sybil wearing patterned dress and holding stick with Brian Noble, a woman and two men

Visitors in Living Room  - YGA00145<br /><br />
Two men, possibly waiters, standing in the living room

Living Room at York Gate House - YGA00144<br /><br />
House interior - living room

Sybil Spencer with Amenah and Jessica Raven in Living Room  - YGA00143<br /><br />
Sybil Spencer with Amenah and Jessica Raven in York Gate House

Sarah Hollis in Living Room  - YGA00142<br /><br />
Sarah Hollis by the fireplace in York Gate House
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