Decorative lanterns in York Gate Garden

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Metal Lantern at Front of House - YGA00388<br /><br />
Tall metal lantern, designed by Robin, on the entrance path

Japanese Stone Lantern - YGA00363
Tall Japanese stone lantern by the beech hedge in the Orchard

Robin acquired 2 stone lanterns in 1971, this being the taller one. They were placed at the ends of the beech hedge, to either side of the "Mother's Tomb" seat.

Japanese Stone Lantern  - YGA00364<br /><br />
Tall Japanese stone lantern, moss covered, in the orchard by the beech hedge; purchased by Robin in 1971

Japanese Stone Lantern  - YGA00362<br /><br />
Tall Japanese stone lantern, (cost £180)

Japanese Stone Lantern  - YGA00361<br /><br />
Low Japanese stone lantern; purchased by Robin in 1971 (stolen)

Japanese Stone Lantern by Stone Seat  - YGA00317<br /><br />
Japanese lantern by 'Mother's Tomb' stone seat and beech hedge
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