Garden General Views


Garden General Views


Views of various parts of York Gate Garden

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Summer Planting in the Paved Garden - YGA00289
A variety of summer plants around a stone container in the Paved Garden, with Yew Sails in the background

View From the Pine Pavement Towards York Gate House - YGA00280
Pine Pavement in the foreground with espalier cedar on the canal wall. Canal Garden behind the wall, with Yew Sails and York Gate House beyond

Garden Entrance - YGA00276
Driveway in autumn with plants on the end of the Garage and weather vane on the roof. Lead quadrant with planting in the corner

Old Orchard From the Front Lawn - YGA00254
Part of the Front Garden in the foreground with the Old Orchard behind

View From the Pinetum - YGA00484
Bottom of the Pinetum, including the Pine Pavement and canal wall. Canal Garden, Yew Sails, Potting Shed, hazel trellis, topiary and hedges beyond

York Gate Garden from the Pinetum - YGA00488
View across much of the garden from the Pinetum. A conifer bed in the foreground, Pine Pavement with clipped hollies, and espalier cedar on canal wall. Canal Garden with summer planting behind the wall, Yew Sails, Potting Shed, Herb Garden topiary…

Driveway Looking Towards the Orchard - YGA00436
Driveway with Yew Buns, looking towards the Orchard, Jardiniere, copper beech hedge and white gate visible amongst trees

View From the Top of the Shed Towards the Garages  - YGA00443<br /><br />
View from the top of the shed, across the Paved Garden and front lawn, towards the garages and driveway

View From the Orchard Towards the Summerhouse - YGA00423
View from the Orchard towards the Summerhouse in the distance.

Nut Walk - YGA00422
View towards and through the Nut Walk, a container beside a tree trunk in the foreground.
The Nut Walk was created in 1961, with 24 filberts forming an arch. It was later underplanted with giant snowdrops.
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