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Furniture in York Gate Garden

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Wrought Iron Furniture - YGA00315
Paved Garden with stone troughs and fern furniture, York Gate Garden

Carved Stone Bench - YGA00379
Ornate carved stone bench decorated with figures, leaves and fruit, in the Summerhouse

Fire Clay Armchair - YGA00378
Fire clay tree armchair cast in shape of tree trunk and branches; in the Dell; stolen

Stone Seat - YGA00377
Carved stone bench with snowdrops, in front of the North Border by the wall in the Orchard Garden

Wrought Iron Armchair - YGA00376
Wrought iron and wood fern armchair in the Paved Garden of York Gate House

Wrought Iron Bench - YGA00375
Wrought iron and wood fern bench with shell at side, in the Paved Garden

Wooden Seat - YGA00295
Curved wooden seat, designed by Robin, which stands at the end of the Alley

Wooden Seat - YGA00513
New Teak Seat at end of Alley, York Gate Garden

Stone Seat - YGA00457
Stone Trough Seat on Orchard Path

Stone Seat - YGA00459
Stone seat (Mother's Tomb) in orchard with copper beech hedge.
This curved stone seat was designed by Fred and backed by a copper beech hedge. It was sited at the end of the orchard, and known affectionately as "Mother's Tomb" by Fred and Robin,…
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