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Driveway with Yew Buns, looking towards the Orchard, Jardiniere, copper beech hedge and white gate visible amongst trees

Old Orchard with Pond and Griffin Stone Sink, Mother's Tomb seat and Copper beech hedge. Folly in the background

Rhubarb and forcers in front of beech hedge

The Tall Sundial with curved seat at the top of the alley

Sybil weeding in the Alley with the sundial and curved wooden seat behind her, beech hedges to either side.
The Alley, which leads from the Summerhouse to the end of the White Garden was modelled on one at Hidcote.

Tall Japanese stone lantern by the beech hedge in the Orchard

Robin acquired 2 stone lanterns in 1971, this being the taller one. They were placed at the ends of the beech hedge, to either side of the "Mother's Tomb" seat.

Japanese lantern by 'Mother's Tomb' stone seat and beech hedge

Stone seat (Mother's Tomb) in orchard with copper beech hedge.
This curved stone seat was designed by Fred and backed by a copper beech hedge. It was sited at the end of the orchard, and known affectionately as "Mother's Tomb" by Fred and Robin,…

Alley looking towards the sundial
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