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A variety of summer plants around a stone container in the Paved Garden, with Yew Sails in the background

Driveway in autumn with plants on the end of the Garage and weather vane on the roof. Lead quadrant with planting in the corner

Chinese Juniper Bonsai 'Imperial Jade' in pot on the ground, stolen from the garden.

View towards and through the Nut Walk, a container beside a tree trunk in the foreground.
The Nut Walk was created in 1961, with 24 filberts forming an arch. It was later underplanted with giant snowdrops.

View down the Carpet Path, planted container in the foreground, Iris Borders on either side of the path, Folly and White Pump Head just visible in the background

Potter at work on a garden container at Whichford Pottery

Potter making a garden container at Whichford Pottery (Warwickshire) during a visit by Sybil Spencer

Bronze Chinese Ching Lung vase on a plinth

Young man seated at a table in front of York gate House. Flowering plant in a pot on the table and several containers of plants to the left

Sybil and Nicole Milette seated at a table in front of York Gate House 9.03.1993. Terracotta pot planted with pansies on the table, small potted conifers to the side of Sybil, Japanese quince on the wall behind. House plants visible through the front…
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