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Group photograph taken in a churchyard inscribed 'To Auntie Sybil with very much love from Peter & Christine'.
People named on reverse L to R: Bob Scott, Freda Williams, Ted Williams, Joy Scott, Ronald Rusby, Eileen Rusby, Marjorie Williams, Sybil…

Photograph in a folder of Nathaniel and Mary Jane Armitage, seated in a garden, surrounded by their family, taken to mark their Golden Wedding 22.09.1947.
Robin, Sybil and Fred Spencer standing in the middle. To the left Sybil's sister Freda with…

Newspaper photograph of Sybil and Fred's wedding reception (02.09.1931), cutting the cake.
Names on reverse: 'Mabel Spencer, Kathleen Spencer (Fred's sisters, on left side), Freda & Eileen (Sybil's sisters, on right side): bridesmaids; best man (Dr…

Studio Portrait of Sybil Spencer's sister Freda Muriel Armitage

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Sybil Spencer's mother Mary Jane Armitage standing on a beach. Two unknown women standing on either side. Sybil's elder sister Freda is seated at her feet

Sybil Armitage (later Spencer) with her parents and sisters at Salem Bazaar. Her father and eldest sister Freda standing behind a bench on which her mother is seated, with Eileen (on left in picture) and Sybil (on right)

Sybil Armitage (later Spencer) and her sisters Freda and Eileen

Mary Jane Armitage with her three daughters Freda Muriel (1902 - 1984), Eileen Mary (1904 - 1985) and Sybil Beatrice (later Spencer, 1908 - 1994)
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