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Pond Area with two Japanese lanterns, curved stone seat surrounded by copper beech hedge, named by Fred and Robin Spencer 'Mother's Tomb', griffin trough. Folly is in background.

Round stone sink with three griffins. Tall Japanese lantern in the background.
Robin was given the round sink by a friend, and his stonemason used three of the griffins to support it. Unfortunately two griffins were stolen in 2004, the third is now…

Sybil on a mobility scooter next to a Japanese lantern

Tall Japanese stone lantern by the beech hedge in the Orchard

Robin acquired 2 stone lanterns in 1971, this being the taller one. They were placed at the ends of the beech hedge, to either side of the "Mother's Tomb" seat.

Tall Japanese stone lantern, moss covered, in the orchard by the beech hedge; purchased by Robin in 1971

Japanese lantern by 'Mother's Tomb' stone seat and beech hedge

Tall Japanese stone lantern, (cost £180)

Low Japanese stone lantern; purchased by Robin in 1971 (stolen)
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