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View from Paved Garden with Scruff the dog, troughs, greenhouse, espalier pyracantha on house side, and steps.

Steps down to Paved Garden. Wrought iron (Circle) gate and greenhouse corner in view, possible Japanese Turtle God - minogame - on wall, espalier pyracantha on house wall

Two people, an elderly woman and a younger man, on the steps to York Gate House, Chinese Lion, table and white metal chair behind, snow on ground

Sybil standing with a woman on the front step of York Gate House. Her hand resting on a Chinese lion, the door behind them open

Black and white photograph entitled "Our First Herb Garden"
In April/May 1954, Robin constructed a Herb Garden on the site of the old farmhouse. Sybil planted it with "sage, fennel, rue, rosemary, apple mint, pepper mint, lavender, curry, lemon…
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