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Scree bed, larger than when first made, but still set in grass, silver birch at one end, dragon mask water feature and wall adjoining the road behind, slide numbered 29.

A view across the Old Orchard towards the dolphin mask water feature. Slide numbered 10

Dolphin Mask water feature in position against the road wall, Old Orchard

Round stone trough supported by reclaimed stone griffins known as the George and Mary Trough and sited at the end of the pond.

Pencil sketch on A3 paper for George & Mary Griffin Trough. 'RAS 1971/72'
The drawing shows how three stone griffins salvaged by Robin were to be combined with a stone sink to form a water feature.

A3 size paper; pencil drawing of Pond and Jardiniere.- 'RAS March 1974'

Water feature with two crane statues in a pond, in an unknown garden, hedge and flower pot behind

Fountain in the form of a moss-covered stone mushroom, in small pool in front of a hedge, in an unidentified garden

Dolphin Mask Trough on boundary wall

Orchard Pond in foreground with the house and Front Garden beyond.
Fred and Robin created the pond by opening up and damming a natural culvert. "We resolved that we must have a water garden ….so Robin has got the job done." (Frederick Spencer's…
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