Adel and York Gate Farm


Adel and York Gate Farm


Photographs of Adel, and York Gate Farm with some of its tenant farmers.

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York Gate Farmyard and Farm Buildings - YGA00050
York Gate farmyard and farm buildings taken from the road

York Gate Farm Buildings - YGA 00049
York Gate farm buildings

York Gate Farm Buildings - YGA00048
York Gate farm buildings which were initially purchased by the Spencers in 1951.
In 1957 Fred decided to give up farming since it was proving to be unprofitable. The Farmyard and buildings were sold in January 1958.

York Gate Farm Buildings - YGA00047
York Gate farm buildings

York Gate House and Cottage - YGA00040
Photograph on an album page of York Gate House, Cottage and garages taken from the road.

York Gate House and Farm - YGA00045
Photograph, stuck onto an album page, of York Gate Farm buildings and House.

Fred and Sybil purchased York Gate Farmhouse and buildings in 1951. In 1957, Fred made the decision to give up farming, which had proved unprofitable and to sell off theā€¦

York Gate House and Orchard - YGA00100
York Gate House with the orchard in front.

York Gate Farm - YGA00099
York Gate farmyard and buildings with two labourers.

Adel Church - YGA00098
Interior of Adel Church

Stairfoot Cottage - YGA00097
Stairfoot Cottage, Adel
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