Art works dedicated to York Gate and the Spencer family.

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Nicole Milette Painting Sybil Spencer - YGA00157
Nicole Milette painting Sybil Spencer

Nicole Milette working on painting of Sybil Spencer - YGA00158
Nicole Milette finishing Sybil Spencer's portrait in York Gate house

Painting of Sybil Spencer - YGA00135
Painting of Sybil Spencer, seated facing forward

Painting of Sybil Spencer - YGA00136
Painting of Sybil Spencer, seated, sideview

Pastel portrait of Scruff - YGA000427
Photograph, by John Holroyd, of a pastel drawing of Scruff made by Susan Maud in 1982

Shell collages on Potting Shed wall - YGA00314
Three framed collages on Potting Shed wall. View through to the Istrian Font

Drawing of York Gate House -YGA000429
Christmas card from Mr & Mrs Frederick H Spencer and Robin, York Gate, Adel, Leeds. Drawing of YG signed RS Bradley.

Sketch of Sybil - YGA00925
Framed preparatory sketch for a portrait of Sybil Spencer by Nicole Milette
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