Sybil's Tapes


Sybil's Tapes


Transcriptions of 10 autobiographical recordings, on 5 audiotapes, made by Sybil Spencer towards the end of her life, with some handwritten notes and corrections.

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YG1 - YGA00966
Transcription of tape 1 side 1 (YG1) describes Sybil's early years with her family, including her early involvement in drama and interest in needlework. It continues with her meeting with, and marriage to, Fred Spencer and their early married life…

YG2 - YGA00967
Transcript of tape 1 side2 (YG2) starts with a description of Fred and Sybil's wedding and then talks more about her family. It goes on to describe the early days at York Gate finishing with Fred's death in 1963.

YG3 - YGA00968
Transcription of tape 2 side 1 (YG3) starts with some family reminiscences, then continues with the development of garden, with features designed by Robin, following Fred's death.

YG4 - YGA00969
Transcription of Tape 2 side 2 (YG4) describes the further development of the garden by Robin and Sybil, the death of Robin in 1982, and how she continued to maintain and develop York Gate with the assistance of her gardener Brian Noble.

YG 5&6 - YGA00970
Transcription of tape 3 (YG5&6) contains various reminiscences about life at York Gate and about Robin

YG7 - YGA00971
Transcription of tape 4 side 1 (YG7) is a series of early memories and diary entries from the years before Fred died.

YG8 - YGA00972
Transcription of tape 4 side 2 (YG8), mainly consists of passages from Fred's diary.

YG9 - YGA00973
Transcript of tape 5 side1 (YG9) contains an assortment of items including entries from Fred's diary, a poem written by Fred for Robin, an entry Sybil wrote for 'The Northern Gardener' memories of her early days with Fred and letters written around…

YG10 - YGA00974
Transcript of tape 5 side 2 (YG10) starts with an article Sybil wrote for 'The Northern Gardener' about her herb garden, and is followed by various memories, mainly of Robin, and also of the family's dogs.
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