York Gate Heritage Project - Garden History


York Gate Heritage Project - Garden History


Research into garden history and design, carried out by a group of volunteers, with a particular focus on the Arts and Crafts movement, its influence on the Spencer Family and also the significance of their work at York Gate within the history of gardening as a whole.

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Collection Items

British Gardens – a Timeline of Garden Design - YGA01877
A snapshot of garden design through the ages and a few ideas of places to visit which reflect the variety of British gardens.

The Arts and Crafts Garden - YGA01878
An overview of the Arts and Crafts movement and its influence on British garden design. Includes gardens to visit, with an emphasis on the ones favoured by the Spencer family.

York Gate Garden – Arts and Crafts Talks - YGA01879
In March 2017, two specialists in garden history and design came to York Gate Garden to talk to volunteers about the ‘Arts and Crafts garden.’ Notes were taken and distributed amongst volunteers in order to enhance their understanding of the Arts and…

Gardens Which Influenced York Gate - YGA02061
A blog about visits to gardens which might have influenced the Spencer family when creating York Gate

The Illustrated Story of York Gate Oct 1970 - YGA02083
A document is based on Sybil Spencer’s notes for a talk “The story of York Gate Oct. 1970”.
Appropriately dated pictures from this archive have been added to give an impression of what her talk might have been like.
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