Plant containers in York Gate Garden

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Millstone Table Winter - YGA01850
Millstone table in the paved garden, in winter, with several small containers on top planted with alpines.

Istrian Stone Font - YGA01801<br /><br />
Istrian Stone font, with plants, on a gravel path

Oval Stone Trough - YGA01758
Bonsai standing on an oval stone trough, filled with gravel, in the paved garden

Wheeled Jardiniere - YGA01707
The Wheeled Jardiniere planted with begonias. This slide is numbered 93

Wheeled Jardiniere - YGA01697
Container in the shape of a wheelbarrow, planted with pansies

Lead Quadrant - YGA01671
Lead quadrant trough planted with petunias by the front wall

Circular Pot. Fuchsia, Begonias - YGA01668
Circular terracotta lion-headed pot by the garage door, planted with a standard fuchsia and begonias

Circular Trough and Ailanthus - YGA01667
Lion-headed terracotta pot planted with pelargonium and fuchsias, Ailanthus behind.

Round Stone Trough with Petunias - YGA01666
Round Stone Trough planted with petunias

Istrian Stone Font - YGA00358
Istrian Stone Font (Wellhead) at the entrance to the Herb Garden. Hedges and Summerhouse behind
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