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The Arbour viewed from the Duck Run, before the creation of the Pinetum, grass with flower borders

Sybil seated, with Towzer, on the same lawn, in the future Paved Garden, as in YGA01732 and on the same day. Slide numbered 44

Sybil on hands and knees, beside a wooden trug, on the grass in the area later to become the Paved Garden. Old greenhouse with a flower border in front behind the grass. Slide numbered 43

Pre-Paved Garden, lawn and borders in front of old (pre-Hartley) greenhouse. Slide numbered 41

Part of the Front Garden in the foreground with the Old Orchard behind

York Gate House from the Old Orchard, jardiniere and borders in the foreground

Maze and Driveway taken from the front lawn

Maze( with no central carving) and Garage, taken from the house.

Carpet Path with flower borders looking from the Folly towards the Potting shed.
The Carpet Path with its distinctive diamond pattern, was laid from the Herb Garden down to the Folly in 1980.

Flower border in front of York Gate house. Summer planting and various pots, Chinese lion by the front door
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