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Wide angled view, similar to YGA01818 but from slightly further back, from in front of the Folly towards the house.. Segmented millstones at the junction of the paths in the foreground, raised canal to the left.

Very wide-angled view from in front of the Folly towards the house. Canal to the left, Peony bed next to it, Iris borders planted with spring flowers on both sides of the path to the right, (same time as YGA01811?),

A view along the gravel path (later the carpet path) towards the house. Tulips and pansies on both sides of the path. A fence with trained trees on the right hand side. Copper planters in the foreground

Man and a girl by the canal in Stratford upon Avon. Containers with summer bedding in front of them and a narrow boat on the canal behind

Sybil sitting on a bench, by a canal, with a woman

Side view of original Dolphin in the Canal, looking towards the yew sails.

Original Dolphin in the Canal; stone ball on edge.
The original 19th century sculpture was stolen in 2003 and has been replaced by a replica.

Stone duck in the Canal

Part of the Canal with a stone duck and a crab on the ledge

Dolphin Sculpture in the Canal
Sybil bought this 19th century stone sculpture from a dealer in York, only later realising that it was a fountain. It was finally put to use after the raised canal was built. After it was stolen it was replaced with a…
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