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Close up of the Chinese Lion by the front door; boot brush behind

Chinese Lion by the front door with terracotta pots planted with lilies, daisies and geraniums

Two people, an elderly woman and a younger man, on the steps to York Gate House, Chinese Lion, table and white metal chair behind, snow on ground

Sybil standing with a woman on the front step of York Gate House. Her hand resting on a Chinese lion, the door behind them open

Sybil standing on the paving in front of York Gate House with a man, 23.05.1990 written lower right

Small sundial in front of a wall, looking towards the house with Chinese lion visible

Sybil with a stick at the front door of York Gate House. One hand resting on a Chinese Lion and wisteria on the wall. Bed warmer and basket trays visible in hall interior behind

Flower border in front of York Gate house. Summer planting and various pots, Chinese lion by the front door
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