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View of the Paved Garden, greenhouse on the left, numerous planted containers, and a small white metal table. Slide numbered 49.

Millstone table in the paved garden, in winter, with several small containers on top planted with alpines.

Very wide-angled view from in front of the Folly towards the house. Canal to the left, Peony bed next to it, Iris borders planted with spring flowers on both sides of the path to the right, (same time as YGA01811?),

A view along the gravel path (later the carpet path) towards the house. Tulips and pansies on both sides of the path. A fence with trained trees on the right hand side. Copper planters in the foreground

Paved Garden from beside the rockery, numerous containers, fern furniture in the corner, Old Orchard beyond. Slide numbered 47

Arrangement of bonsai ornaments and containers at the top of the Paved Garden steps

Close up of the millstone table with trays of succulents in Paved Garden.

An early photograph taken in spring. The Paved Garden with bonsai and alpines in containers, cast iron table, chair and bench.

View from Paved Garden across to the garages, with heathers and stone troughs in foreground.

View from Paved Garden with Scruff the dog, troughs, greenhouse, espalier pyracantha on house side, and steps.
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