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Pencil sketch on A3 paper for George & Mary Griffin Trough. 'RAS 1971/72'
The drawing shows how three stone griffins salvaged by Robin were to be combined with a stone sink to form a water feature.

Pencil sketches of leaf men

Pencil sketches on graph paper of Lantern etc. A3+

Pencil sketch on A5 paper of Stone Seat [on Orchard Path]. 'Seat 1978'

Various pencil sketches, seat, plinth, garden corner. A3. RAS 71 or 69

Robin's drawing of a compass for the centre of the Pavement Maze, which was added after the maze had been laid. It is inscribed with annual rainfall and height above sea level, as well as Sybil and Roni's initials.

Pencil designs for Maze and central feature. A3

Pencil sketch of Maze and Drive. 'Position of Maze York Gate Adel. RAS Autumn 1978'. A3

Pencil sketch of 'Maze at Hilton Huntingdon 1660' [Cambridgeshire]. A3. Oct. 1978 RAS . Robin's inspiration for the Pavement Maze in York Gate's driveway.

Ink drawing of the Twist Column Sundial 'A fine spiral twist column sundial surmounted by globe dial'; pencil sketches of parts on front and back of paper.
Robin saw a similar sundial in London and asked a local stonemason to make a one based on his…
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