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7 Khaki Campbell ducks on the grass in the duck run, close to the road wall. slide numbered 60.In her talk 'The Story of York Gate 1970' (YGA00989) Sybil said that Khaki Campbells were her favourite ducks.

Early view of the Dell, an area fenced off from the duck run with very small trees, beds and paths in the process of being created. Slide labelled 30

The Arbour viewed from the Duck Run, before the creation of the Pinetum, grass with flower borders

Early picture of Sybil looking at a peat garden, at the end of the Old Orchard, in front of the small white gate with the duck run beyond. Slide numbered 86

Black dog (Dusky) sitting on Mother's Tomb seat, small copper beeches visible behind and to the sides, Duck Run beyond. Slide numbered 21

An early picture of the Pinetum
In 1961 Robin started to create a Pinetum where the Duck Run had been. The collection of slow growing needle-bearing conifers was gradually expanded over a number of years. Later large pebbles were laid down as ground…

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