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Transcript of a recorded interview with Ann Philpott, a frequent visitor to York Gate to buy duck eggs and see the garden

7 Khaki Campbell ducks on the grass in the duck run, close to the road wall. slide numbered 60.In her talk 'The Story of York Gate 1970' (YGA00989) Sybil said that Khaki Campbells were her favourite ducks.

4 white (Aylesbury) ducks at the edge of the duck pond, slide numbered 59.

Two black swans and four ducks on the moat at Markenfield Hall. Small vegetable plot next to the moat

An early picture of the Pinetum
In 1961 Robin started to create a Pinetum where the Duck Run had been. The collection of slow growing needle-bearing conifers was gradually expanded over a number of years. Later large pebbles were laid down as ground…

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