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Very early view of the espalier pyracantha on the side wall of York Gate House

Helleborus corsicus and Dwarf Willow in the Paved Garden, espalier pyracantha on the house wall behind

Pine Pavement in the foreground with espalier cedar on the canal wall. Canal Garden behind the wall, with Yew Sails and York Gate House beyond

Bottom of the Pinetum, including the Pine Pavement and canal wall. Canal Garden, Yew Sails, Potting Shed, hazel trellis, topiary and hedges beyond

View across much of the garden from the Pinetum. A conifer bed in the foreground, Pine Pavement with clipped hollies, and espalier cedar on canal wall. Canal Garden with summer planting behind the wall, Yew Sails, Potting Shed, Herb Garden topiary…

Paved Garden looking towards York Gate House. Described as 'planted May taken in September'
The lower part of the Front Garden was paved in 1963

View from Paved Garden with Scruff the dog, troughs, greenhouse, espalier pyracantha on house side, and steps.

Steps down to Paved Garden. Wrought iron (Circle) gate and greenhouse corner in view, possible Japanese Turtle God - minogame - on wall, espalier pyracantha on house wall

View across Paved Garden up to house with view of Pyracantha.

Bottom of the Pinetum in autumn, with clipped hollies, Pine Pavement and canal wall with espalier cedar behind
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