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Sybil with a man, standing on the bridge over the moat, at Markenfield Hall, farm buildings behind them

York Gate House from across the road. Farm Buildings to the left, car in the driveway, Orchard to the right with countryside beyond

York Gate House and farm buildings, taken from across the road, soon after they were bought by the Spencer family. Large tree in the foreground, countryside beyond

York Gate House and farm buildings in the snow, taken from the road. Wall and gate to the front, with Orchard and Front Garden behind

York Gate House and outbuildings from the road, after the link to the neighbouring building had been removed and the original mullion windows replaced. Wall and white gate, with Orchard and Front Garden behind

Early photograph of York Gate taken from the road.
This shows how the house and garden looked when the Spencers bought it, with overgrown driveway, farm buildings to the left linked to the house and narrow windows with stone mullions. The Ash treeā€¦

York Gate farmyard and farm buildings taken from the road

York Gate farm buildings

York Gate farm buildings which were initially purchased by the Spencers in 1951.
In 1957 Fred decided to give up farming since it was proving to be unprofitable. The Farmyard and buildings were sold in January 1958.

York Gate farm buildings
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