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The Bristol Cross, a folly in the gardens at Stourhead House

A view across a lake towards a folly (the Temple of Apollo) on a hill at Stourhead garden

View from the Dell through the (new) Folly towards the house, iris borders and dog (Dusky) on path. Same day as YGA01816?

Slide numbered 84. Taken on the same day as YGA01816, view from very open Dell through the Folly, towards the potting shed window. Irises on both sides of the path, dog (Dusky?) sitting in the Folly, Paeony bed planed with lupins.

View along the iris border towards the Folly. Slide numbered 83

View over the paeony bed, with spring flowers, towards the Folly, very open Dell beyond. Slide numbered 82

View from very high up towards the side of the house. Dell in the foreground, sunflowers in the kitchen garden to the rear, slide numbered 1.

Long view from the early Dell, through the Folly towards the house

View from the bottom of the Pinetum, over the wall towards the Folly. Paving slabs in the grass, duck pond to the right, Dell in the background

View from the field beyond The Dell in autumn, York Gate House and Folly visible
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