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Path, lined by flower, leading to a doorway in wall, with gates, into a walled garden at Sissinghurst

A wrought iron gate at Barrington Court

The orangery at Montacute House, a wall with a wrought iron gate in the foreground.

24 newly planted filberts on either side of the path, with bamboo canes for support and training.White gate at the end of the path with field beyond. Slide numbered 37

View over the gate towards the excavations, crossing the driveway, carried out to repair the turning circle. This slide, numbered 61, was used to illustrate Sybil's talk " The Story of York Gate 1970" (YGA00940)

View through the Circle Gate towards the Paved Garden, from outside the potting shed

Letter from F Landon (Blacksmith) concerning the design for Robin's gate which accompanied a drawing on tracing paper (YGA00942). The letter aalso refers to a sketch of a latch and keep which is not present.

Part of the Front Garden in the foreground with the Old Orchard behind

Driveway with Yew Buns, looking towards the Orchard, Jardiniere, copper beech hedge and white gate visible amongst trees

Steps down to Paved Garden. Wrought iron (Circle) gate and greenhouse corner in view, possible Japanese Turtle God - minogame - on wall, espalier pyracantha on house wall
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