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Herb Garden, Summerhouse at the rear with bonsai Imperial Jade on a table in front. Garden furniture and a woman with a newspaper seated to the right. Same day as YGA01725. Slide numbered 71

Bonsai Chinese Juniper Imperial Jade standing on a wooden table in front of the Summerhouse, garden furniture behind. Slide numbered 87

View through the herb garden from behind the Istrian Font towards the Summerhouse. Bonsai at the entrance, and table and chairs in front. Slide numbered 69

Bonsai Imperial Jade, on the roof of the barrow store, coloured herbaceous border of the White Garden visible behind

Bonsai Imperial Jade on a plinth in the Herb Garden in front of the Summerhouse.

Chinese Juniper Bonsai 'Imperial Jade' in pot on the ground, stolen from the garden.

Chinese Juniper Bonsai 'Imperial Jade' on a column, stolen from the garden.
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