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View from the Dell through the (new) Folly towards the house, iris borders and dog (Dusky) on path. Same day as YGA01816?

Slide numbered 84. Taken on the same day as YGA01816, view from very open Dell through the Folly, towards the potting shed window. Irises on both sides of the path, dog (Dusky?) sitting in the Folly, Paeony bed planed with lupins.

View along the iris border towards the Folly. Slide numbered 83

Very wide-angled view from in front of the Folly towards the house. Canal to the left, Peony bed next to it, Iris borders planted with spring flowers on both sides of the path to the right, (same time as YGA01811?),

Iris Border before the creation of the carpet path and before the circular window was put in the potting shed. Black dog (Dusky?) standing on the path. Slide numbered 85.

View through circular potting shed window, looking towards The Dell. path with iris borders in the foreground

Iris border before the Carpet Path was created, Istrian font in foreground, Folly in background, viewed from above

Irises planted on either side of a gravel path, later to become the Carpet Path

Iris borders on either side of the path, later to become the carpet path. Summer planting, and garages in the background

View down the Carpet Path, planted container in the foreground, Iris Borders on either side of the path, Folly and White Pump Head just visible in the background
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