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A wooden wheelbarrow standing on levelled ground, potting shed to the left, kitchen garden beyond, slide numbered 75.When describing this slide in her talk "Story of York Gate 1970" Sybil says "In the Spring of 1969 Robin drew out plans for rehousing…

Path between the shed and kitchen garden before the teak and cane seat was installed.

The teak seat in the kitchen garden before the cane hood was added. Stone and gravel path leading to it. Shed and compost bays to the right and vegetable garden to the left.

View from very high up towards the side of the house. Dell in the foreground, sunflowers in the kitchen garden to the rear, slide numbered 1.

Shed to the right of the gravel path, vegetable plot to the right. Similar view to YGA01704, but before the seat was in place at the end of the path. Slide numbered 77

Very early view of Sybil at work in the second Herb Garden. Wooden bench where the Summerhouse now stands, very low beech and yew hedges and view over fields beyond. Kitchen garden with leeks on the right hand side. Slide numbered 24

Teak and Cane Seat Without Hood, at the end of a path, Kitchen Garden to the left, shed to the right, beech hedge behind.

A bed of variegated kale in the Kitchen Garden, a small tree surrounded by a circular box hedge behind, gravel path in the foreground.

Salt glazed boiler and pot in the Kitchen Garden

Salt glazed boiler with tap, in the Kitchen Garden
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