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View from the Paved Garden towards the front lawn and front of the house. Rockery with heathers in the foreground.

View from the bottom of the Pinetum, over the wall towards the Folly. Paving slabs in the grass, duck pond to the right, Dell in the background

The Arbour viewed from the Duck Run, before the creation of the Pinetum, grass with flower borders

Lawn and flowerbeds in front of the old greenhouse in the area where the Paved Garden is now. Slide numbered 42

Sybil seated, with Towzer, on the same lawn, in the future Paved Garden, as in YGA01732 and on the same day. Slide numbered 44

Sybil on hands and knees, beside a wooden trug, on the grass in the area later to become the Paved Garden. Old greenhouse with a flower border in front behind the grass. Slide numbered 43

Pre-Paved Garden, lawn and borders in front of old (pre-Hartley) greenhouse. Slide numbered 41

White Edwardian metal armchair on the lawn

View from the top of the shed, across the Paved Garden and front lawn, towards the garages and driveway

Stepped arch by a stone-edged pond, lawn on terrace above, in an unidentified garden

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