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Segmented millstone set in gravel. This is the same millstone as in YGA01842 pictured from a different direction.

A segmented millstone set in gravel

A Millstone, with plants in the middle, partly set in grass and partly in earth, with a cobbled path leading from it.

A millstone set in gravel with a grass planted in the centre

Newly delivered millstone standing on sacking and straw on gravel (driveway). Slide numbered 78.In her talk 'The Story of York Gate' Sybil describes this slide as follows "We have quite a collection of grind stones and mill wheels and transport…

Watering can on a grindstone in the White Garden

White Garden with white and silver borders on both sides of the path. Cold frames on the right hand side and sundial at the end

White Garden, view through the coloured and white border towards the tall sundial, millstones on path. This picture was taken on the same day as YGA00518.

Paved Garden with Cordylines in pots, millstone in foreground.

Photograph, sent to Robin Spencer, of a millstone, with lichen on, surrounded by rocks, in Cragg Wood Rawdon.
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