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View from beside the pond in the Old Orchard looking towards Mother's tomb seat backed by copper beech hedge. Dog (Dusky) on flag stones in front of the peat garden, slide numbered 22

Scree bed, larger than when first made, but still set in grass, silver birch at one end, dragon mask water feature and wall adjoining the road behind, slide numbered 29.

Rhododendron Susan, flowering in the long border of the Old Orchard, in front of the front wall.

Slide numbered 15. A flagged path in the foreground and view across the orchard towards the road, spring flowers and trees.

Orchard with spring bulbs, a flowering tree at the end of the pond, mother's tomb seat beyond, gravel path at the left leading to a small white gate, slide numbered 13

The Old Orchard in spring. View across the pond to a large flowering apple tree, mother's tomb seat on the far left and many other flowering plants.

The Old Orchard with a very heavy frost. View across the end of the pond towards the garages

View across the pond, from the Old Orchard towards York Gate House on a snowy day.

Small scree bed, set in grass at the end of the Old Orchard and newly planted silver birch. Driveway and white gate beyond. Slide numbered 28. In her talk York Gate 1965 Sybil says "This is a view of my very tiny scree under the weeping Birch. This…

The Arbour viewed from the Old Orchard with spring flowering trees and shrubs

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