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Slide numbered 15. A flagged path in the foreground and view across the orchard towards the road, spring flowers and trees.

Path between the shed and kitchen garden before the teak and cane seat was installed.

The teak seat in the kitchen garden before the cane hood was added. Stone and gravel path leading to it. Shed and compost bays to the right and vegetable garden to the left.

The Dell, slide numbered 36, flowers, a gravel path and stone gate post.

A Millstone, with plants in the middle, partly set in grass and partly in earth, with a cobbled path leading from it.

24 newly planted filberts on either side of the path, with bamboo canes for support and training.White gate at the end of the path with field beyond. Slide numbered 37

The Dell in spring with young trees, stone paths and beds with spring flowers, a fence at the boundary. Slide numbered 33

Early view of the herb garden looking towards the Old Orchard. Slide numbered 25

The base for the tall sundial in position at the end of the White Garden herbaceous border, spring 1968, millstones in path. Slide numbered 56

Shed to the right of the gravel path, vegetable plot to the right. Similar view to YGA01704, but before the seat was in place at the end of the path. Slide numbered 77
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