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View of the Paved Garden, greenhouse on the left, numerous planted containers, and a small white metal table. Slide numbered 49.

View from the Paved Garden towards the front lawn and front of the house. Rockery with heathers in the foreground.

Close up of conifer with blue cones in the paved garden, greenhouse in the background

The steps in the Paved Garden. Several bonsai trees and ornaments. Circle Gate closed and greenhouse to the right.

Millstone table in the paved garden, in winter, with several small containers on top planted with alpines.

Very early view of the paved garden, greenhouse to the left, millstone pond in the foreground, slide labelled 48

View of the paved garden with many plants including 2 flowering yuccas. The slide is numbered 53

Lawn and flowerbeds in front of the old greenhouse in the area where the Paved Garden is now. Slide numbered 42

Paved Garden from beside the rockery, numerous containers, fern furniture in the corner, Old Orchard beyond. Slide numbered 47

Bonsai standing on an oval stone trough, filled with gravel, in the paved garden
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