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Unknown garden, a fountain in a stone edged pond in the foreground, with a tree lined alley with pots and curved box hedges beyond

Two men moving Sybil in a wheelchair at Whichford Pottery. Shelves, with many pots drying, on the wall next to her

Sybil watching a potter throwing a pot at Whichford Pottery, several more pots drying

Sybil in a seat at Whichford Pottery, several pots under construction

Chinese Lion by the front door with terracotta pots planted with lilies, daisies and geraniums

Young man seated at a table in front of York gate House. Flowering plant in a pot on the table and several containers of plants to the left

Sybil sitting on a wooden bench outside the front of York Gate House, with a table in front of her, a number of plants in pots around her

Carpet Path with flower borders looking from the Folly towards the Potting shed.
The Carpet Path with its distinctive diamond pattern, was laid from the Herb Garden down to the Folly in 1980.

Garage decorated for Heydays "Twelfth Night"

Black and white photograph entitled "Our First Herb Garden"
In April/May 1954, Robin constructed a Herb Garden on the site of the old farmhouse. Sybil planted it with "sage, fennel, rue, rosemary, apple mint, pepper mint, lavender, curry, lemon…
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