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Front cover of Sybil's Press Cuttings Scrapbook, covered in brown paper. First Page

Three cuttings, dating from around 1923, concerning events at which Sybil performed elocution. Next Page

A number of short cuttings, dating from Sybil's time as a pupil at Leeds College of Music, describing performances and awards won, largely for elocution. Next Page

Several short cuttings describing local events at which Sybil performed in some way. Next Page

Two cuttings describing an outdoor performance (in Gott's Park Armley) of 'In Saramede' by the Ruetama Players, featuring Sybil as Princess Rosamund. Next Page

Two cuttings describing a production of 'Romeo and Juliet' at the Little Theatre in December 1925. Sybil played the Prince. Next Page

Two cuttings concerning the production by Leeds Sylvanian Amateur Operatic Society of 'The Dancing Mistress' at the Theatre Royal in October 1926, in which Sybil played Miss Pindrop. Next Page

Two reviews of 'The Sphinx' by R.R. Whittaker, in which Sybil played the part of Margaret Lawton. It was performed at the Leeds Albert Hall in early November 1926. Next Page

Two cuttings, that on the left describes a production at the Theatre Royal of 'Old Leeds'. While that on the right concerns the witches ball which formed part of Sybil's costume for 'The Pilgrim's Progress '. To see the cutting in which Sybil can be…

Two reviews of 'At Mrs Beam's' which Leeds Repertory Company performed at the Leeds Little Theatre in November 1926. Next Page
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