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Transcript of a recorded interview with Julia Davies who worked as Robin’s secretary for 30 years;. She was Robin’s close friend, attended dinner parties, and helped with events.

Transcript of a recorded interview with Jack Jowett, a business acquaintance of Fred and Robin

Transcript of an recorded interview with Brian Latty a school friend of Robin, he went with the Spencers to an opera in the Grand Theatre in his early teens.

Transcript of a recorded Interview with Brenda Bedford, wife of Tony Bedford, Robin’s friend and Sybil’s accountant; attended and hosted dinner parties

Interview with Tony Bedford who was a friend of Robin from school days; Sybil’s accountant; attended and hosted dinner parties; and suggested to Sybil that she leave York Gate to the Gardeners Royal Benevolent Society.

(Transcript written from…

YGA01981 secured.pdf
Typed copy of Robin's handwritten manuscript (foolscap 64pp) Making the Garden at York Gate. Note: Monday 23 July 1973 New Arabella Srinagar Kashmir [New Arabella is a Houseboat owned by Gulam Nabi Sheikh in Dal Lake Kashmir (Google)] Manuscript…

Robin digging in The Dell, bare earth and some young trees, a field with cows behind him. Slide labelled 31, this slide was used to illustrate Sybil's talk "The Story of York Gate 1970" (YGA00940)

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Robin standing on a beach, by the same anchor as in YGA01726

Robin standing by a low wall, overlooking a foreign town

Robin seated under a tree, in front of an anchor, on a stony beach
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