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A man and a woman seated in front of the Hartley greenhouse, in the Paved Garden, a table and parasol to the rear.

A Heydays member taking tea with Sybil in the Summerhouse during a group reading, in the garden, of Twelfth Night

Sybil in the Summerhouse, taking tea with a woman from the Heydays group, on the occasion of a reading of Twelfth Night, in the garden

Three members of the Heydays group sitting in the Pinetum for a reading of Twelfth Night. Identified as Mary, Olga and Peggy

Heydays Group reading Twelfth Night around Sybil's basket chair in the Pinetum

Heydays Group reading Twelfth Night in the Pinetum

Carved stone bench with snowdrops, in front of the North Border by the wall in the Orchard Garden
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