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Sybil standing in the Dell, young trees and many flowers, York Gate House in the background.

Robin digging in The Dell, bare earth and some young trees, a field with cows behind him. Slide labelled 31, this slide was used to illustrate Sybil's talk "The Story of York Gate 1970" (YGA00940)

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Early picture of Sybil looking at a peat garden, at the end of the Old Orchard, in front of the small white gate with the duck run beyond. Slide numbered 86

Robin standing on a beach, by the same anchor as in YGA01726

Robin standing by a low wall, overlooking a foreign town

Sybil, smartly dressed, standing in front of the door to York Gate House on the same day as YGA01731

Sybil seated, with Towzer, on the same lawn, in the future Paved Garden, as in YGA01732 and on the same day. Slide numbered 44

Sybil on hands and knees, beside a wooden trug, on the grass in the area later to become the Paved Garden. Old greenhouse with a flower border in front behind the grass. Slide numbered 43

Fred and Sybil Spencer in formal wear, standing on the terrace outside York Gate House.

Robin seated under a tree, in front of an anchor, on a stony beach
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