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The steps in the Paved Garden. Several bonsai trees and ornaments. Circle Gate closed and greenhouse to the right.

Paved Garden Steps with the lead quadrant at the top

Long view through the Paved Garden towards the greenhouse, spring bulbs

Paved garden steps, taken at the same time as YGA01674 but from a different angle. Bonsai trees and ornaments on the steps, greenhouse to the right, Circle Gate behind

Paved Garden Steps. Lead Quadrant at the top, bonsai on pillars at either end, Robin's circle gate behind

Various ornaments at the top of the steps in the Paved Garden

Arrangement of bonsai ornaments and containers at the top of the Paved Garden steps

View from Paved Garden with Scruff the dog, troughs, greenhouse, espalier pyracantha on house side, and steps.

Steps down to Paved Garden. Wrought iron (Circle) gate and greenhouse corner in view, possible Japanese Turtle God - minogame - on wall, espalier pyracantha on house wall

Two people, an elderly woman and a younger man, on the steps to York Gate House, Chinese Lion, table and white metal chair behind, snow on ground
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