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Black dog (Dusky) sitting on Mother's Tomb seat, small copper beeches visible behind and to the sides, Duck Run beyond. Slide numbered 21

Pencil sketch on A5 paper of Stone Seat [on Orchard Path]. 'Seat 1978'

The design, by Fred Spencer, for the stone seat known as "Mother's Tomb", accompanied by a handwritten note 'This is the first garden ornament I designed - I think in the mid 50s. It was the year of the Leeds Music Festival Centenary [1958] as the…

Sybil sitting on a stone seat with Michael Butterfield, under a parasol, in the first Sybil's Garden

Sybil with a man, sitting on stone seats under the larch arch, in the Pinetum

Sybil in the garden with a child and Scruff

The Pinetum looking towards the stone seats with young larches
Robin put stone seats in the Pinetum and planted larches behind to provide shade. Sybil referred to this as her 'cave'.

Stone Trough Seat on Orchard Path

Carved stone bench with snowdrops, in front of the North Border by the wall in the Orchard Garden

Stone seat (Mother's Tomb) in orchard with copper beech hedge.
This curved stone seat was designed by Fred and backed by a copper beech hedge. It was sited at the end of the orchard, and known affectionately as "Mother's Tomb" by Fred and Robin,…
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