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A Postcard from the National Gardens Scheme showing the original Sybil's Garden. Ornate bronze Chinese vase, containing a cordyline, in a central paved area surrounded by raised flower beds. Seat designed by Sybil behind.

Plan of the first 'Sybil's Garden' [after Robin's death]. On large sheet of tracing paper. Page 74a of Sybil's Plant Record Book lists the plants she bought for this garden. Click here to see it.

Second page numbered 74, lists plants purchased in October 1982 and July 1985. Suppliers and prices are given and the page is headed 'Plants for Sybil's Garden'. Next Page

Sybil on a mobility scooter in the original Sybil's Garden with a man behind her.

Following Sybil's death the decision was taken to re-design Sybil's Garden.

Sybil sitting on a stone seat with Michael Butterfield, under a parasol, in the first Sybil's Garden
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