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View of the Paved Garden, greenhouse on the left, numerous planted containers, and a small white metal table. Slide numbered 49.

Bonsai Chinese Juniper Imperial Jade standing on a wooden table in front of the Summerhouse, garden furniture behind. Slide numbered 87

People seated around a table for Christmas dinner

Two people, an elderly woman and a younger man, on the steps to York Gate House, Chinese Lion, table and white metal chair behind, snow on ground

Young man seated at a table in front of York gate House. Flowering plant in a pot on the table and several containers of plants to the left

Sybil having tea in the Summerhouse during a Heydays group reading of Twelfth Night

A Heydays member taking tea with Sybil in the Summerhouse during a group reading, in the garden, of Twelfth Night

Sybil in the Summerhouse, taking tea with a woman from the Heydays group, on the occasion of a reading of Twelfth Night, in the garden

Sybil and a woman seated at a table in the Paved Garden. Inscribed 'R' and Sybil York Gate 9.08.1984

Sybil and Nicole Milette seated at table in front of York Gate House. Potted plant and mug on the table, red watering can on the ground
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