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View through the herb garden from behind the Istrian Font towards the Summerhouse. Bonsai at the entrance, and table and chairs in front. Slide numbered 69

Bottom of the Pinetum, including the Pine Pavement and canal wall. Canal Garden, Yew Sails, Potting Shed, hazel trellis, topiary and hedges beyond

View across much of the garden from the Pinetum. A conifer bed in the foreground, Pine Pavement with clipped hollies, and espalier cedar on canal wall. Canal Garden with summer planting behind the wall, Yew Sails, Potting Shed, Herb Garden topiary…

Sybil with a woman from a group by the Herb Garden

Sybil in the Herb Garden. A man and a woman in the foreground, Summerhouse in the background

Ken Hampson sitting in the Herb Garden. Taken from the Summerhouse on 27.03.1994, his 47th birthday

Mary Spencer in the Herb Garden, Summerhouse behind

Sybil on a mobility scooter in the Herb Garden. Hedges and topiary to either side, Summerhouse behind

Sybil in the Herb Garden, hedge and topiary to one side, Summerhouse behind

View from Herb Garden showing Box Curved Hedges and Topiary, York Gate House
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