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View from the bottom of the Pinetum, over the wall towards the Folly. Paving slabs in the grass, duck pond to the right, Dell in the background

Photograph labelled "Arbour from the Road. Sensation" The roof of the arbour seen above the top of the front wall.

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Campanula growing out of a wall

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View through the Circle Gate towards the Paved Garden, from outside the potting shed

Gravel Path, with Fern Border against a wall on the left, Istrian Font in background

Two black dogs on a gravel path in a large garden

Pine Pavement area of the Pinetum in autumn, looking towards the Folly, espalier cedar on the canal wall

The Orchard, looking along the wall towards a white gate (now wrought iron gate) Garden storage prior to building of greenhouse on the left.

The Old Orchard with island bed, looking along the wall. 'Mother's Tomb' seat is visible in the background.

York Gate House from the road with white gates and a car in the driveway. Orchard to the right of the drive with front garden behind.

By 1952 quite a few changes had been made to the house and garden. Gates had been installed, the passage linking…
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