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Path lined by box hedges and steps leading to a wooden seat in a walled garden (at Sissinghurst?)

A curved wooden garden seat, surrounded by a low stone wall and roses, near a pond in the Italian garden at Hever Castle

An ornate, white wooden seat beside a doorway in a brick and stone building, possibly a chapel, a small ornamental cannon beside it.

The Herb Garden in August 1966, before the Summer House was built, a wooden bench at the end of the path with beech hedge behind, yew hedges to the sides. Slide numbered 27

Very early view of Sybil at work in the second Herb Garden. Wooden bench where the Summerhouse now stands, very low beech and yew hedges and view over fields beyond. Kitchen garden with leeks on the right hand side. Slide numbered 24

Teak and Cane Seat Without Hood, at the end of a path, Kitchen Garden to the left, shed to the right, beech hedge behind.

Sybil seated on a wooden lounger under an apple tree in the Orchard. Another chair and a parasol, a table with a cloth and 2 cups, garages behind and pond to the right

Wooden seat in the Folly

Bride and Groom seated under the apple tree in the Old Orchard, York Gate Garden

Sybil standing in the Orchard, a man on either side, and a woman, almost completely obscured, behind her.

Sybil enjoyed showing visitors around the garden in her later years. She also liked to have seats around the garden where she could rest. Theā€¦
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