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A document is based on Sybil Spencer’s notes for a talk “The story of York Gate Oct. 1970”.
Appropriately dated pictures from this archive have been added to give an impression of what her talk might have been like.

Sybil Spencer walking (with a stick) past the front window of York Gate House

View from the Paved Garden towards the front lawn and front of the house. Rockery with heathers in the foreground.

Actinidia growing up the front wall of the house, next to the front window, dolphin sculpture in a border in the foreground.

A view of York Gate House and garden from across the road.

View of York Gate House from across the road showing the newly cobbled gateway and a car parked on gravel turnaround.

View over the Pinetum towards York Gate House shortly after re-roofing was completed.

Re-roofing of York Gate House, work on the back of the house

Re-roofing of York Gate House half done. A similar view to YGA01833 but taken from slightly closer.

Re-roofing of York Gate House, work in progress on the back of the house.
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