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York Gate Garden Ornaments and Sculptures

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Close Up of Bronze Crane by Pond - YGA00460<br /><br />
Pond with close up of bronze Crane (now gone)

Bronze Crane by Pond - YGA00464<br /><br />
Pond with bronze Crane (now gone)

Japanese Lanterns, Mother&#039;s Tomb and Griffin Trough - YGA00475<br /><br />
Pond Area with two Japanese lanterns, curved stone seat surrounded by copper beech hedge, named by Fred and Robin Spencer 'Mother's Tomb', griffin trough. Folly is in background.

White Pump Head in the Dell - YGA00387
White Pump Head in the Dell

Victorian Style Metal Gate - YGA00386<br /><br />
Victorian style metal gate between the Orchard Garden and the Pinetum.
The gate was designed by Robin Spencer, based on a screen in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Salt Glazed Boiler and Pot - YGA00385<br /><br />
Salt glazed boiler and pot in the Kitchen Garden

Salt Glazed Boiler - YGA00384<br /><br />
Salt glazed boiler with tap, in the Kitchen Garden

Copper Kettle Boiler - YGA00383<br /><br />
Copper kettle boiler with tap, in the Kitchen Garden

Decorative Metal Watering Can - YGA00382
One of two French metal decorative watering cans installed on either side of the new kitchen window

Carved Stone Column in Summerhouse - YGA00381<br /><br />
Carved stone column in the Summerhouse
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