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Fred and Sybil, in evening dress, with another couple. Inscribed on the reverse 'The Chairman and his wife'

Two photographs, overlapping, stuck onto an album page, of Sybil and Fred on holiday

Fred, Sybil and Robin Spencer smartly dressed to go out

Portrait of Frederick Spencer (1906 - 1963)

Photograph, stuck on an album page, of Fred wearing flat cap and jacket with Emperor

Fred on Emperor at front of house

Photograph in a folder of Nathaniel and Mary Jane Armitage, seated in a garden, surrounded by their family, taken to mark their Golden Wedding 22.09.1947.
Robin, Sybil and Fred Spencer standing in the middle. To the left Sybil's sister Freda with…

Newspaper photograph of Sybil and Fred's wedding reception (02.09.1931), cutting the cake.
Names on reverse: 'Mabel Spencer, Kathleen Spencer (Fred's sisters, on left side), Freda & Eileen (Sybil's sisters, on right side): bridesmaids; best man (Dr…

Fred holding two piglets

Fred on Emperor, Sybil on Moonshine, in front of York Gate House.
By now the family had made a number of changes to the house and garden. The driveway had been cleared, larger windows had been installed and the link to the neighbouring cottage…
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