Away from York Gate


Away from York Gate


Various photographs taken at places other than York Gate

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Pond with Fountain and an Alley - YGA00251
Unknown garden, a fountain in a stone edged pond in the foreground, with a tree lined alley with pots and curved box hedges beyond

Stepped Arch by a Pond - YGA00250
Stepped arch by a stone-edged pond, lawn on terrace above, in an unidentified garden

Building in an Unknown Garden - YGA00247
Small building in an unknown garden, with two white studded doors and statuary figures on ivy covered wall, tiled roof

Crane Fountain - YGA00246
Water feature with two crane statues in a pond, in an unknown garden, hedge and flower pot behind

Stone Mushroom Fountain - YGA00245
Fountain in the form of a moss-covered stone mushroom, in small pool in front of a hedge, in an unidentified garden

Nicole Milette at King's Manor, York - YGA00243
Nicole Milette at the entrance to King's Manor, York

Nicole Milette at King's Manor York - YGA00242
Nicole Milette standing at the entrance to King's Manor, York

Black Swans and Ducks in the Moat at Markenfield Hall - YGA00244
Two black swans and four ducks on the moat at Markenfield Hall. Small vegetable plot next to the moat

Sybil and a Woman at Markenfield Hall - YGA00241
Sybil and a woman, standing on the bridge over the moat at Markenfield Hall

Sybil With a Man at Markenfield Hall - YGA00208
Sybil with a man, standing on the bridge over the moat, at Markenfield Hall, farm buildings behind them
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